3.10.19 - 9.11.19

Na'ama Porat has returned with her camera, in different modes and forms, from the city and its fringes to her ‘own surroundings’, the countryside and the house in the valley. She presents photographs and video works from ‘there’, moments and segments from this ongoing process and gazes on what it entails.
But things are not as clear as they may sound. Enigmas and disturbing elements [/details?] characterize much of her work. Time and again questions come up: how can this be? Where does the light comes from? What is taking place in the work?
Another character of Porat’s work is the movement in-between (and being on the verge) – between building, constructing and supplementing on the one hand, and destructing, disintegrating and subtracting on the other hand; between materiality, earthliness, stable forms, and vagueness, defacement, haze.