Curator | Noga Davidson

Youval Hai's works are photographs of a man walking everywhere with a camera, documenting his life intensively: perceiving, gathering and processing all the fragments that make up the everyday - intimate moments with ex-girlfriends, documentation of daily life with his wife and children, meetings with friends and family As well as photographs of wandering that express moments of fascination in his surroundings.

His personal computer contains an archive of thousands of pictures, and although this exhibition presents individual images, it can be seen as the principles underlying his work - large and small moments trapped in an infinite sequence of life movement, of continuous zoom in and out, in which the small is magnified and received a bold, In the vortex of time, alongside aesthetic and philosophical questions about Israeli photography, architecture and culture.

The works in the exhibition were taken with analog cameras, hence the name of the exhibition that refers to a filter in Photoshop which is used to smooth out those dust & scratches that exist after scanning film.